Branching out — October 2005

My first foray into lace knitting. Of course I merrily ignored the pattern’s advice about choosing the ‘easy’ yarn as a first-timer, and was instead lured in by the featherweight beauty of Kid Silk Haze. Knitting with it was a learning experience (don’t knit into the fluff! avoid mistakes if at all possible because unknitting is a huge hassle!), but I am now half in love with the yarn and will certainly use it again. It’s like knitting an almost weightless but very strong cobweb.

It is a good lace pattern for lace beginners — it knits up quite fast but also illustrates the importance of concentration. My lowest point was one evening where I’d spent a happy two hours knitting in front of the television, and then had to spend a decidedly unhappy hour and half unknitting the work until I’d got back to where my error was. (I’d inadvertently purled two rows one after the other, which meant my pattern turned round halfway through. Other people might not ever notice, but I would!)

It is very pretty and very girly, and I’m definitely encouraged enough to do more lace knitting in future. (Not for a while, though, as I’ve been told that my conversational skills while I’m focusing on the lace pattern leave a little to be desired. Not so good for social knitting!)

I started off on straight bamboo needles but found that they were too heavy and the stitches would easily fall off, so switched to my trusty circular bamboo needles and found that much more comfortable.

Note: picture of finished article forthcoming.

Details: Branching out from, knitted with one skein of Rowan Kid Silk Haze (colour ‘Blushes’) on 4.5mm circular needles.


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  1. james henry says:

    Hello – I know nothing about knitting, but I do like your blog. That’s it really.


  2. felinity says:

    Thanks. Thanks also for being the first comment in ages that isn’t trying to sell me viagra or encouraging me to join a pyramid scheme.It’s only a little side-blog, really — the real one is < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<> (although mostly locked from the public gaze).


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