Under the Hoodie — November-December 2005

21 Dec 2005:

Finished! And I do absolutely love it now it’s done. It is very very lightweight, extremely warm, beautifully comfortable, and something I intend to wear a lot in this cold weather. However, it has also made me decide to give simple jumpers a miss for the time being, because although the finished result can be gorgeous, knitting all that stocking stitch is really very boring indeed. That said, I’m pleased I stuck it out with this one.

Details: ‘Under the Hoodie’ from Stitch’n Bitch, knitted in Rowan Kid Classic on 5mm circular bamboo needles, size ‘Small’.

I added about three inches to the length of this, and I’m glad I did because it’s still far from long. The real length of the small size must be impressively short. Basically I followed all of the instructions for the small size apart from the length dimensions, where I followed the largest size. And I do like the dimensions of this finished piece (I also blocked the hell out of the pieces before I sewed them together, which helped).

30 Nov 2005:

Look what I did! Bless. I couldn’t bring myself to start the next sleeve tonight so thought I’d give myself a night off and do something entertaining instead. This isn’t a real sock, but a practice one so that I could learn how to turn the heel and do all the fiddly bits. It’s mostly based on Kate Atherley’s ‘Socks 101’ tutorial from Knitty, which is really helpful for learning the basics although it does result in a rather pointy sock. Socks are so clever! I feel all satisied now. This test one might just fit a small child, although I don’t plan to make a twin for it so it will instead remain a talisman of all my future sock plans and dreams. Enough messing, though — I’ll get back to the hoodie after this.

29 Nov 2005:

Ohhh, I am in two minds about this. I love the yarn and I love the material it makes and the way it looks — it’s going to be so warm and cuddly and it’ll keep me snug all winter. Assuming that I EVER FINISH IT because it is SO DULL. Never-ending stocking stitch and.. nothing much else. Really easy, but reeeally dull. I have finished the back and the first sleeve, pictured here (badly, because my camera is tiny and has no flash). It’s only taken a couple of weeks, and yet, and yet.. Starting the second sleeve is going to take a mass of willpower. But I have to finish, because it really is such lovely yarn — it’s the Rowan Kid Classic that the pattern recommends, and it makes material that’s really warm and soft but also very very lightweight and clingy. Must hold onto the good thoughts! Next project is going to be something like socks — small and interesting.


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