French beret — January 2006

Stupid hat, this. It pulled my fingers apart (Yorkshire Tweed is thin but wiry), took 20 minutes to finish a row (218 stitches at its widest point), and when it was finished I didn’t like it very much. On the plus side it was started during a fun-filled trip to Dublin and finished on the way home from a lovely visit to Edinburgh, so it’s full of good memories.

It’s alright, really — I might wear it out when I’m feeling frivolous.

Details: ‘French beret’ from hats gloves scarves by Louisa Harding, knitted with Rowan Yorkshire Tweed on 2.75mm and 3.25mm circular needles.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. glitzfrau says:

    Aww, but I think it’s gorgeous! Though it is true, I will never forget the misery you went through with that cast-on.


  2. felinity says:

    And it looks so innocent now, doesn’t it? Still, the time and place were very happy, even if the cast-on itself was a LIVING NIGHTMARE.


  3. It’s a beauty, and I like the colour!


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