Bye bye, bank balance in the black

I started a love affair today. Two, in fact.

The first was with the first gorgeous yarn store I’ve found in London which isn’t John Lewis*. I went there on Saturday afternoon and ohhh, it’s a dangerous place! They’ve got such a range of beautiful yarns which you just don’t find anywhere else in the UK. I’d gone in lured by the promise on their website that they stocked Blue Sky Alpacas (which they do), but instead found myself buying a skein of this Handmaiden Sea Silk (love affair number two). Which is the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought (I can’t, actually, bring myself to type here how much it cost**), but is so very very worth it as it seriously to die for. Vibrant, delicate, silky fabulousness! It’s 500 metres, too, so while it could become a very expensive pair of socks, I suspect it will probably be a lace scarf or stole. Whatever it becomes, though, it’ll cheer me up every time I see it in my stash, all glowing and jewel-like. Happy times. Sigh. Just look.

The shop’s brilliant, anyway, and I suspect it will not help my attempts to cut back on my yarn spending. I didn’t get the BSA yarn I was after, as it happened (in stock but not my colour), but I did get inspiration for an alternative yarn to use for my next project which will either be the most fabulous item I’ve ever made, or an expensive disaster. We shall see.

In the meantime I am past the heel of that never-ending second sock (it’s only getting an hour or two a day, at present, and at 9.5 st/inch it’s slow going), so I can do the happy dance of being more than halfway to finishing. The tales of toe-up sock woe are all to follow at some point — it has been an intense, albert worthwhile, education.

* Stash Yarns, in Putney.
** Twenty pounds. And fifty pence. Oh. My. God.


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  1. Nuala says:



  2. Nickerjac says:

    Glad you enjoyed the visit, I have so far resisted the sea silk but I don’t think I am going to hold out for long.


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