Arghhhh, *head in hands*, *weeps*.

Someone is really trying to mess with my head.

Am at the BF’s house for the weekend. He’s out playing golf. I have my knitting, natch, to keep me occupied for the next four hours. Except, I have realised that I’d read the pattern wrong, and have brought a needle slightly smaller than required for the ribbing part of my raglan beauty (which is where I’m at, now). I need a 3.5mm circ, 60 or 80cm, and I’ve brought a 3.25mm. I started using it anyway but it’s not quite right and I don’t want to ruin my gorgeous jumper after all the work so far. Hours and hours of knitting-less gloom stretch out in front of me.

So. I have rung six, yes SIX, yarn/haberdashery/department stores in the last twenty minutes. Six! I am in the wilds of Buckinghamshire and was impressed that I could find so many within logistical public transport distance. Each one staffed by lovely friendly useless people on the other end of the phone. “Yes yes, circular needles, of course, I’ll just check the sizes. … [pause] … ohh, I’m terribly sorry, we appear to have sold out of the 3.5mm. 3.75mm any good?”

EVERY LAST SODDING ONE HAS SOLD OUT OF 3.5 CIRCULAR NEEDLES. Seriously, WHO THE HELL is buying all the 3.5mm circular needles in Buckinghamshire? Who?

*sniff*. I am going to have to weave in all the ends as a last resort attempt at productivity. And then when that’s done I will have NOTHING TO DO and only itchy knitting fingers to drive me mad until tomorrow evening. And I am in the knitting ZONE, people! Bah.

Edited to add:

About an hour after writing the above I was mardily rooting through my handbag when I glanced at my phone and noticed an answerphone message was waiting. It was the BF, telling me his sister (also golfing) had reminded him about a haberdashery shop in the village, just down the road.

And oh! It was all so beautifully ironic and fairytale, that I should have tried all over the county to find those elusive needles only to find them actually on my doorstep. Everything went all twinkly and sparkly for a moment. I rushed to the phone, beaming, all ill-will washed away as if by magic.

Yeah. They didn’t have them in stock. Bloody gold dust, it seems, 3.5mm circs. But I went down and had a look at the shop anyway, out of curiosity, and although their knitting section is pretty tiny I did cheer myself up a little by buying this rather lovely sock yarn. Mmm, socks. (Ahh, so quickly we forget.)

So anyway, here’s the jumper as it currently stands, ends all neatly (albeit reluctantly) woven away and faulty ribbing ripped out (and good god I’d forgotten how much I hate undoing knitting, ugh). The pattern is the Somewhat Cowl and I have high hopes that ultimately it’s going to be fabulous, despite how funny-looking it appears at the moment. But now, reluctantly, I must accept that it’s at a standstill until tomorrow evening.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. cangetKate says:

    Aw, it’s a conspiracy! Nice sock yarn, though.


  2. felinity says:

    It is a conspiracy! Utter knitting frustration. I was forced to watch <>golf<> instead. Sigh.


  3. Jenn says:

    I suppose I must be mental but I enjoyed watching what I could of the Ryder Cup this weekend… oops! Normally I do get bored and walk away if its on haha…. Sorry you couldnt find any 3.5mm needles around that would have drove me potty as well! But at least you got some lovely sock yarn and found a new shop on the bfs doorstep. 🙂 The sweater is looking lovely as well!


  4. felinity says:

    Aw, thank you. I wouldn’t have minded the golf so much, if I’d had the knitting to keep me occupied while it was on. But I didn’t, so I sulked (obviously).


  5. Hi,Hope everything OK in London. I found this “last knit” video and thought you may like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6ZjMWLqJvMGC


  6. felinity says:

    That’s great! A little creepy, but great. Knitting <>does<> get a tiny bit obsessive…London good. Moving next month… all the details are on my other blog, which Trave can see if you’d like to read about it. x


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