Ribby and Koigu and me

Poor neglected blog! This time of year is a tricky one for juggling blogging obligations and work ones and social ones. But still. The two main reasons are a) my slackness, and b) the AGONY of still not having reliable internet access at home. I passionately miss my wireless home broadband, and believe me it will be right high up the list of essentials when I move again in January (just above a good heating system, but just below a decent shower).

In the meantime though, have some snippets, and apologies for the brevity. Firstly, herewith one sleeve of the painfully slow Ribby Cardi. This is such an easy knit, and a swift one too, and yet I have only finished the sleeves! All those festive weekend parties and evening shindigs are quite fiercely cutting into my knitting time. But nonetheless, I am looking forward to this when it’s finished — despite there being no waist shaping I can see how the clever ribbing will make it a lovely form-fitting item. And hopefully good with jeans, too, which for me is fairly crucial. ALSO, have I ever mentioned how fantastically cheap the yarn is from elann.com? I bought an excess of the suggested yarn (Peruvian Highland Wool) for fear of running out and never being able to get it again over here, and even with shipping it was still about half the price of the last jumper I made and I will have stacks left over (granted I am not using something akin in price to PURE GOLD this time, but still).

Here’s a glimpse of my Christmas present to myself. Mmm. Raspberry Koigu. I bought this decidedly tasty yarn with a friend in mind, but realised after I’d come down from the yarn lust that I might possibly have been projecting my colour tastes onto her. I confirmed this when I casually asked how she felt about pink socks and she pulled a rather disgusted face. But I let out an inward cheer when she did, because it meant I could keep this for myself with a blissfully clear conscience. And my reward is to knit up a cute pair of cabled socks over Christmas. I’m doing all the legwork now, checking gauge (I swatched in the ROUND, people, I am so pleased with myself), working out measurements, stitch patterns, sock-knitting methods and all. They’re going to be ace, and I’m going to get to try out some new techniques in the process (and perfect, I hope, some old ones). Hurrah.

Mostly though, isn’t it just practically edible? I treat myself a bit too much, I think, but never mind. It is Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no such thing as too many treats for someone as lovely as you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ooh that koigu is beautiful. It reminds me of strawberry angel delight!Keep an eye on the postbox, Father Christmas will drop something off.SPx


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