I am a lucky lucky girl

Firstly, look what my Secret Pal (that’s Sunshine Pop, by the way) sent me for my last package of the exchange.

And that picture doesn’t actually do the full package justice, because there were also TWO bags of Haribo for me. But I made the mistake of opening the parcel at work yesterday and those Haribo are long gone. They were much enjoyed though.

But even putting sweets aside, look at what there is! Two skeins of gorgeous gorgeous Koigu (mmm), some Debbie Bliss Cathay, and some excellent vivid orange/yellow Regia sock yarn. Not to mention three lovely goodies from Lush, a mix-CD, and some effing nifty purple DPNs (in 2.25mm, a size I do not own, hurrah!). Thank you no-longer-Secret Pal, you’ve been ace and it’s all very much appreciated.

And while I’m showing off all the knitting loveliness I’ve been gifted with recently, here’s a picture of the knitty joys I got for Christmas (not including the mystery Italian silk yarn I blogged about last month). It appears that people have started paying attention to my knitting habit, a development of which I heartily approve.

So we have… Sensational Knitted Socks and two skeins of Opal sock yarn. That little combo was one of my presents from my especially ace boyfriend, bless him. Apparently he was mocked more than a little (by the non-kniterati) about getting those for me but he stood firm and was right on the money — he knows me best, after all. The book is fab and practically bursting with tips and patterns and will definitely be my first port of call next time I’m sock knitting. And the yarn, staggeringly, comes in at 150g per skein. Wow! Over-the-knee socks, anyone?

After that there’s Knitting Vintage Socks which was another fine present from some of my friends. There’s some brilliant and entertainingly dated socks in there as well as some that have stood the test of time, and the book itself is beautifully presented. Then finally in the middle you can see some Colinnette ribbon yarn from my brother ravicurio/longcat (him of the hat). It’s all dusky pinks and browns and greens and weighs practically nothing, so I think some variety of featherlight scarf is in the offing. I’ve never used ribbon yarn before and I’m a little nervous and excited about it.

So many presents! Lucky, lucky me! As a result I’ve got a huge stash at the moment and I really can’t justify buying any new yarn in the immediate future, so I’m giving myself a yarn ban for at least the next two to three months (I’ve got an imminent house move too, next month, so saving money both by NOT buying expensive yarn AND staying in a lot and entertaining myself with lots and lots of knitting is definitely A Good Thing).

Watch this space for another post tomorrow detailing some actual genuine knitting. Imagine that.

ETA: Have changed the look of my blog just now, and comments have gone so strange! All the nice things people have said appear to now be from ‘anonymous’. Bah. Can you all still comment? Anyone out there?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. la glitz says:

    I’m out here! Your blog looks great! And I am v. jealous of your pretty pretty yarns!


  2. felinity says:

    Hooray! It must just be something to do with comment left before I upgraded. Thanks love.


  3. sharon says:

    I’m so glad you’re happy. You were great fun to spoil! I’ll respond to your email soon…

    I got Sensational Knitted Socks for xmas and I’ve just finished a slip stitch ribbed sock. The fit is just perfect. I can’t wait to try some more patterns in there. And isn’t Opal good yardage? You’ll get a fair bit from that Regia yarn too. I swear you get enough for 2 pairs of socks.

    I hope you like the CD – let me know which tracks are your faves!


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