Ribby woe

Hey, check it out, I can plug my camera into my boyfriend’s laptop and it treats it just like any other flashdrive — ravicurio, you were dead right.

Shame, then, that the first picture in five weeks I have to show you is one of moderate disaster. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of one of those evil knitting laws that nobody tells you about, one which Ms Bias has also recently had the misfortune to experience, one which has the power to make you throw down your needles in disgust. The one which says: leave three months between the knitting of one piece of jumper and another, and your gauge goes way, way off.

That’s the back on the right, and one of the front pieces underneath it to the left. They should be exactly the same height. They are, as you can see, demonstrably not. I could block the life out of the back, I suppose, but as doing so would bring the botton of the cardi somewhere several inches below my crotch, I’d rather not. I haven’t just done one of the front pieces of course, I’ve done two identically wrong ones. I only spotted the tiny glitch when I pinned out the pieces for blocking earlier this evening.

So ripping it is. Both the front pieces pulled apart, and then.. knit tightly? Knit on needles one size down, I guess. Bah.

(I was idly browsing old blog posts this afternoon and found this one, where I innocently mention the joys of knitting a chunky jumper on largish needles, and what a pleasantly fast experience it is. That was only five months ago.)

I hope this doesn’t kill my knitting mojo right dead again. I think it might be time to put Ribby to one side once more and concentrate on something else, except that the something else I’ve been plotting the last few days is, irony of ironies, another Ribby. Ahhh, hear my hollow laughter.


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  1. ms bias says:

    Oh no, you poor thing! It’s gutting, isn’t it? You’re all happy and pleased with yourself and then … this happens! On the plus side, the part about it being a reasonably quick knit still stands: it’ll rush along pretty quickly once you’ve ripped and restarted. Boo! stupid gauge!


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