Oh dear. I really shouldn’t have boasted about the joys of having internet all the time in my last post, because shortly after that my beloved Mac started making unpleasantly scary noises, and has been sulking, in a very turned-off state, in a desk drawer ever since. I’m sure I will get it fixed eventually but in the meantime it has defeated my blogging abilities somewhat, particularly in the way of handling photos, and who wants to read a knitting blog without those? Still, this weekend I am determined to find a way (thankfully we are not a single-computer household) and who knows what I’ll manage. There is ribbon knitting to show, you see, and a big pile of patient Ribby just waiting for blocking and seaming (about which, incidentally — if, like me, you have a moment of idiocy when it comes to an innocent bit of a knitting pattern, and said pattern happens to be designed by the incomparable Bonne Marie, just email the lovely lady and she might send you a detailed and impressively non-condescending reply within hours, the angel).

So, yes, let me block my baby-steps ribbon knitting, establish a workaround camera-computer arrangement, and we’ll see if I can breathe some life back into this show some time in the next week.


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