Gypsy drop-stitch scarf — March 2007

Ooh, this won’t do, that photo of the Ribby disaster that’s been at the top of the blog for a couple of weeks is particularly ugly, isn’t it? Let’s brighten things up a bit.

Ribbon knitting in all its glory (yarn a Christmas present from ravicurio last year). I wasn’t sure what to do with my skein of ribbon yarn, even if it was 158 yards long and bursting with muted pretty colours. A scarf was basically it, not least because this stitch pattern (4 rows garter stitch, row of double yarn-overs, one row of garter stitch and drop those y-os like hot potatoes) was just the kind of super-easy baby step that I needed to tentatively try out knitting with ribbon yarn. Verdict? Well, knitting with ribbon is, frankly, weird, and if twisted yarn makes you mad you should never ever get close to ribbon yarn, but I like the ‘fabric’ it makes and it knitted up nice and fast. Plus, the weather’s just about right for a pretty little decorative scarf like this.

Details: Gypsy drop-stitch scarf, knitted in Colinette Giotto (rayon/cotton mix) on — shock, horror, I can’t remember the needle size. This is why I must be a better blogger, people, see?! If I hadn’t left it a month before writing up a post I might stand a chance of not looking like an idiot. I think it was 5mm, maybe.. but it’s a scarf, it doesn’t matter overmuch.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. longcat says:

    very nice, tasteful inclusion of blossom in matching colour as well xlooking forward to thursday x


  2. sharon says:

    It’s beautiful and perfect for spring now it’s cooled down a bit.


  3. Kate says:

    God, that’s gorgeous. I’m not sure what’s prettier – the scarf or the photos. I may have to try something similar – I have some beautiful ribbon yarn that I bought ages ago and have never known what to do with. It just looks odd knitted up.


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