Just a little more clarification

Wow, I’m in love with Ravelry. It has me hooked already. I’ve just photographed and categorised my whole stash. I’m such a loser. But it’s addictive! I feel tremendously organised now.

Anyway. Kate said she got a little lost halfway through my last (proper) post (which, I grant, was just a big mess of bullet points), so maybe this picture will help. Or not.

Here’s the step immediately after the middle picture from the last post — undoing the provisional cast-on (carefully!), picking up the stitches left from that cast-on on another needle, and then knitting (or purling, because it’s ribbing) those stitches from the other needle along with the working stitches on the main needle. In this picture I have already done the stitches from the first of the three working needles, and am just starting on the stitches from the second needle.

Clearer? Hope so. Ignore my scribbles in the background.

Work progressing enormously slowly, but when I pick it up I fall in love with it again. Must pick it up more often. So, both sleeves completed up to the arm-shaping, and body… Well. Body is not past the hem yet. But it’s getting there.


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  1. Kate says:

    I don’t know how I missed this the first time, but I noticed it when my bloglines said you had a new post. Thank you so much, Kat! I finally get it.(I think…I’m going to pull out some spare yarn and give it a shot later on).


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