Hooray For Me gloves — July 2007

Must, must, must get my FO posts up a little closer to the time I actually, y’know, finish something.

Anyway, these lovelies did the trick perfectly for cheering me up and being nice and neat and swift. I made some little modifications to the pattern (specific left and right gloves, rather than having them identical, was the main one) but basically stuck to it. Of course the pattern is designed for self-patterning sock-yarn, which this Koigu, hilariously patterned though it is, is not. But that’s fine. I’ll make some more one day — frankly, I can never have too many fingerless gloves in my life. (Yes, it’s summer, but only barely.)

Details: Hooray For Me gloves, knitted in Koigu KPPPM on 2.5mm double-pointed bamboo needles.

Ooh, you know what? These gloves managed to squeeze themselves out of just the one skein of Koigu. Which means I have a spare skein in this colourway left (my lovely SP9 sent me two skeins of this over Christmas). Would anybody like it? Preferably to swap with a random skein of something else nice, but if you think you can win me over by describing exactly what awesome thing you’d make with it, feel free (and if you live in the UK, I might not even charge you postage). Much as I love the colours in this, I can’t see myself making a second pair of fingerless gloves with it, and it’ll only stretch to one sock. So, takers?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. sharon says:

    They are bloody brilliant!


  2. Jenn says:

    those look VERY comfy.. you could always try to make yourself a very tiny pair of ankle socks out of your other skein of yarn??


  3. They look beautiful, I’m really impressed! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.


  4. Kadri says:

    These are B-E-autiful!


  5. photocat says:

    if you still have the yarn, I will take it of your hands. I can pay for it though, I live in Ripon, North Yorkshire.I am thinking about a pair of fingerless gloves, as I am a photographer, and can’t shoot with normal gloves. I am a bit afraid of the fingers… (Knitting them, the fingerless ones). my blog is here:http://photocatseyes.typepad.commail me if you want to get the yarn to me… As said, I will pay for it!


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