Percy…. is a rubbish name for a bag

Ah, sorry little blog. I have been neglecting you for Ravelry, haven’t I? Still, them’s the breaks, *is unrepentant*.

Anyway, here’s a project that Ravelry knows I’m doing but you don’t.

It’s weird that I haven’t knitted a bag before. But then, it’s weird that I only have three finished items for 2007, and that they’re only two pairs of gloves and a scarf. That is pretty shit, isn’t it? Tsk. Let’s see if I can make it four this year, anyway. (Three things? Three? What have I been doing this year? The first year I started knitting properly I managed four jumpers, a scarf and a pair of socks. Sheesh, no wonder I never post in this thing.)

So anyway. It’s alright, this bag. I’ve spent the last few nights working the endless strap (60 inches of double knitted-on i-cord and k1p1 rib… sorry, dulled myself to sleep for a moment there) but I’m done with that and have hit the pocket this weekend. And I went to John Lewis on Friday and treated myself to that beautiful, vibrant silk lining, which makes me glow every time I look at it. I’m in love with the colours I’ve chosen for this bag, really.

Plus the yarn? £1 a skein. Less than that, even. If I were in the US and didn’t have to pay £8 for postage, the yarn for this bag would have cost me a fiver. In your face, Rowan.


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  1. Kate says:

    Eh, everything’s going to have to take a backseat to Ravelry. Although they still need a magazine section.Your bag is gorgeous, and I love the lining you’ve chosen. Also, Elann has lovely prices, don’t they?


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