Socks and bags progress

The blue sock is vastly improved, fit-wise, by being ripped and reknit to incorporate a gusset and reverse turned heel.

Old (bad!):

New (good!):

I’ve made the foot a fraction too long (I should have ripped back another half-inch or so before starting the gusset), but it’s not excessive and the sock is much more comfortable than it was with the short-row heel. And I’ve learnt a new technique (which was easy to execute and has left nary a hole around the ankle — win!). It also allowed me to make the leg of the sock four stitches wider around than the foot, which adds to the comfort and fit even more.

And my Percy bag has found a new place in my heart after I lined it at the weekend. Look. At. That. Silk!

The lining experience was a collaborative effort: a weekend at my parents’ meant being able to raid my mother’s stash of inner lining materials, and after some trial and error we decided upon adding a double layer of additional fine lining between the knitted material and the silk. The inner lining is an adhesive one (melting onto the knitting when ironed on, although you can pull it off again if you need to), and we added two cross-directional layers so that the bag now stands much less chance of stretching out of shape (it’s not stiff, but feels significantly stronger now that it’s been reinforced).

And I am smitten. Just look at it, though! I am childishly pleased with my success at painstakingly sewing in the silk lining, as sewing is generally not my strong point. When it’s finished this little bag is going to be unique and gorgeous — I’d tell you what the plan is for the fastening, but I want it to be a surprise. It’s another collaborative approach, though (thanks Mum!).


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  1. glitterboy1 says:

    Oooh, I love that lining! I’m a bit of a sucker for gorgeous silk linings, and I think you’ve done well with that one.


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