Dainty hoodie — July 2008 – January 2009

I love this jumper. I like the fact that it’s form-fitting and flattering. It weighs almost nothing, the yarn’s very soft, and the lace pattern makes it both a really warm heat-trapping layer under a coat and something good to pull on over a strappy top on a summer evening when the sun goes down and the temperature starts to cool.

I’m really pleased with it. It didn’t stretch out the way I feared when I blocked it, and actually fits like a dream. It’s the perfect length on me.

Mods: knitted body and sleeves in the round up to the shoulder shaping. Took one pattern repeat out of the front and back (if I hadn’t it would have been MASSIVE). Knitted the body a few inches longer.

Details: 15 Hooded Sweater with Lace Pattern from Rebecca #32, knitted in Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK on 5mm bamboo circular and double-pointed needles. Ravelry link.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. It's a gorgeous sweater, and yours looks so lovely and properly fitted.

    (It's nice to see you blogging again!)


  2. The world goes into shock as you show your face on the internet! 😉


  3. glitterboy1 says:

    That's a really lovely top, and with your changes, it's such a good fit – it looks great on you.


  4. Unknown says:

    I love this pattern! How can I get a copy of the pattern? It is not available on Rebecca I checked


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