Percy – November 2007 – August 2009

Remember Percy?

No? I don’t blame you. Short version: I started this bag at the end of 2007 and only finished it last summer. The worst thing? All it took for me to finish it was for me to suck it up and attach the lovely metalwork cover my mother had made to hide the magnetic clasp I used. I was so nervous of damaging both the metalwork and my bag that I sat on that final stage for nearly a year. And then one day just picked it up and did it in 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES. Argh.

Anyway, here it is. The lining has actually come a little loose recently so it needs some repairwork right now, but it’s a cute little bag.

(Oh, such lovely flowers last year! We have a new garden this year, I hope we can get blooms as gorgeous as we had back then.)

Details: Percy, knitted in Elann Sonata cotton on 3mm bamboo needles. Ravelry link.


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