A salutary lesson in sensible blogging practice

Do not write your draft blog post in a draft gmail email on your iPad. But if you do, don’t accidentally press ‘discard’. That said, if you have done both of those things, don’t not know at this crucial stage that you have a few moments to press the ‘undo’ button that appears (or, indeed, don’t not even spot the ‘undo’ button). Definitely don’t frantically click elsewhere to find the mail. Don’t check your phone’s gmail app for the draft email if the phone’s still connected to the internet, because checking it while it is connected to your wifi means you have the fun of watching the draft vanish from there as well.

Discarded draft mails don’t go into your trash, they just vanish completely and forever. I am an idiot. This is all.

(And then I started trying to recreate the whole post, but this happened. Blogging will take place another day.)



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