Sneak peeks and party season!

I have LOTS to blog about, peeps, but no decent pictures to show so I’m behind. Not even mentioning the items from the blog wilderness years that are still waiting patiently to be immortalised in type. At least I’m not short of things to write about in 2017.

For now, here’s a couple of previews of latest projects ahead of a better photoshoot this weekend – first up, one of a new pair of socks made from CoopKnits Socks Yeah! yarn and following a Rachel Coopey pattern. These make me immensely happy – those colours! The zig-zaggy lace!

Secondly, some WIP Christmas mitts for my Dad which are a combo of two patterns (the Inglis Mitts pattern, again, and the cable from Julia Mueller’s Knotty Gloves). I’m v. v. pleased about how well they have ended up (I’ve finished one since taking this photo) – it’s as if the patterns were meant for each other. 

Also my husband (who tried one on for me to check the size) has indicated a liking for them too – which might result in the very first knitted item that I’ve ever made for him after I’ve finished this pair (after a relationship of mumblety-teen years – I am a terrible knitting wife! there are mitigating circumstances but I’ll have to hold back on explaining those for a future post).

Social knitting

Blogging is great and all, but it’s nice to actually see people in person, right? There are two London ‘do’s coming up which I’m excited about, although alas the first one is an event I can’t make – it’s the EasyKnits Christmas party on 10th December. EasyKnits yarn comes in ridiculously bold and bright colours and I gather that this is the first time they’re opening their studio to the public so it’s the perfect chance to explore their beautiful wares while enjoying some bubbles and mince pies (and it’s free!).

Or if like me you can’t make their party, you can console yourself at the upcoming Pom Pom Quarterly Christmas bash on 16th December (not free! but worth it!). Lots of cute pop-ups from some ace indie dyers and sellers, and nine days before Christmas so still a chance to pick up some stocking fillers (maybe for yourself…). I’ll be there with my local knit pals and we’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed for winning some of the excellent door prizes, while no doubt sipping some mulled wine and generally having a lovely night. See you there?

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