Finished project – actual proper storage

A post for the truly knit-dedicated, this one, and/or anyone who loves a satisfying bit of organisation-of-things. (I count myself as being in both camps, and I don’t care if that makes me sound like a 50s housewife.)

So if you ticked the first box then you’ll know that knitting comes with a certain amount of stuff*. Ever since I took up knitting as an adult, the paraphernalia that comes with it and my ever-growing yarn stash has been squeezed away into a gradually increasing pile of plastic crates. Which are functional, but are also kind of… sad.


However when you live in a series of smallish flats, space is at a premium. Obviously the yarn still creeps out all over the place into project bags and bowls and, well, any given surface. But it’s never been very satisfactory.

Until now! Now, we live in a house with more space than we know what to do with. That said, there’s a lot to sort out when you move into a new place and the yarn crates have been sat in an empty corner of the spare room as per the picture above for the last 18 months. Until Thursday, when we took a deep breath and braced ourselves for a trip to IKEA (as I might have mentioned previously, my husband is very patient). And after several hours of assembly**, the occasional choice swear word, and a second trip to pick up the bits we forgot the first time***, here is my very own beautiful yarn and craft storage system****. Ahh, happy organised days.

I’ve been waiting for a sunny moment to take this picture, and there’s been none, so the lighting’s all over the place.
Yarns organised (loosely) by weight in each basket. Mmm, 4-ply.
Drawers for nothing but certain types of needles! Look at all the DPNs I’d forgotten I have (I have been buying a new set of 2mm needles each time I make a pair of socks, by the looks of it).
Yarn is beautiful just by itself, though my camera isn’t doing it justice. Little sneak peek of some finished socks there, too.

It is a little utilitarian, still, but there’s room for the contents to grow and the corners to be softened. And I love it.

Pattern: Kallax 4×4, by IKEA
Materials: High-gloss turquoise/grey shelves, high-gloss white cupboard inserts (x4) and drawer inserts (x2), and 6x Branas baskets

(What do you do for your yarn storage? I’d love to see some blog posts showing off other systems.)


* let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a bloody lot

** those mini-cupboards are a bugger

*** nngh!

**** still no storage for any actual guests to use who come to stay in the spare room, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the carefully organised yarn


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