Thursday updates – Driftwood and Reyna and something new on the horizon

After my flurry of finished projects I’m back to updates on WIPs for a while, which are getting a bit of attention after all those fly-by-night socks and mitts.

Firstly though big thanks to Knitted Bliss for showing off my Mitts for My Dad on her Modification Monday feature earlier in the week (and an enthusiastic hello to anyone who has ended up here as a result of that – it’s excellent to see you!). If anyone wants any help with the Inglis/Knotty pattern splicing then just shout.

Here’s a really bad photo of my Driftwood hoodie which I finished seaming last weekend (wooooohoo!).


I should have enlisted help taking this because selfies aren’t really the way to go when you actually want to show off the jumper that you’re wearing and not your hair which gets in the way of every picture. But I was at home in the daytime on Sunday and needed to make the most of the light, and hopefully it at least indicates my be-yoo-tiful set in sleeves, and the fact that this does actually fit in the way that I hoped it would. Happy times! I’m away this weekend and this is too big for travel knitting now, but *next* weekend I’m aiming to get the hood picked up and started (and finished, perhaps? actually let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Also, just a quick one but humour me – I had forgotten the extreme satisfaction to be had by carefully-done almost invisible seaming. Mmm.


In other news: the Reyna shawl continues (difficult to photograph it looking much different from the picture in my last post, but it’s getting bigger), and I’m considering what to do with another Easyknits Deeply Wicked skein – this time in the most heavenly shade of blue (‘Splasher’), which my camera doesn’t do justice to. I wish I could capture it in a picture – it’s much more of a deeply saturated bright turquoise than this shows, like the vivid jewelled blue-green in a clear sea. Anyway, it’s a stunner, take my word for it.


Since the minute I bought it it’s called out to me to be made into a pair of Alonzo socks. I’m 95% sure that it still will be, but a few comments on Ravelry re. the durability of the yarn have given me pause. Any thoughts, knitting peeps? Is 100% superwash merino really too soft for socks? (hundreds of people have made socks with it and it’s only a couple who have said they’ve had holes) Will my plan of knitting at a tight gauge overcome this? (plus my careful obsession with only wearing handknit socks with particular footwear that won’t rub them the wrong way?) Hmm.

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  1. That is indeed a great seam, I love a good invisible seam! that sweater looks awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. felinity says:

      Ahh thank you for appreciating the value of a good seam! A small but satisfying joy.


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