Reasons why sock knitting and sock yarn = winning at life, numbers 174 and 309

I have two new unexpected additions to my sockyarn stash in my hands/on their way from the last few days. Both are pleasing for different reasons.

Firstly, on Sunday last Loop Knitting made a hugely generous gesture and gave all money taken from sales made that day (online and off) to the ACLU. All the money. All of it. It made a huge impact on social media and I, like hundreds of others, made some purchases which perhaps weren’t planned but which suddenly felt like an excellent idea. It seemed as good a time as any to get a skein of something new to me, and it definitely felt like the right time for a vibrant pop of ridiculous colour.

And so this skein arrived in the post the other day – The Uncommon Thread‘s Tough Sock in a riotous shade of orange (‘Citrus Peel’). I have new yarn, and I’ve donated to a good cause. No downside.


Isn’t it gorge? It’s a little heavier than other sock yarns and I’ll need to decide on the right project for it, but in the meantime it’s sitting on the mantlepiece in the lounge, smiling at me (why yes, yarn does find itself popping up around the house even though I have a storage system specifically for it – what of it?).

Secondly, on Thursday morning I got a Ravelry notification that I’d been linked to in the Coop Knits’ Ravelry forum. Lo and behold, it was Ms Coop Knits herself, and I had randomly been selected as a prize-winner in that month’s KAL. I thought it was just for fun, I didn’t even know there were prizes! I’d made my Twylla socks as part of the Dec/Jan KAL (the timing was serendipitous given that I’d been planning to knit them over Christmas anyway) and my name had been electronically drawn out of the virtual hat as a winner.

VERY excitingly this meant that I could choose my favourite colour of Socks Yeah! yarn and receive a skein of it in the post (or possibly two? I don’t know yet!). Regular readers won’t be surprised that I picked Topaz. I have some leftovers from Twylla and Hortensia and am considering something stripy, or maybe a fancier colourwork – TBC. (Topaz and Sphene would be ace together though, wouldn’t they? Mmm.)


Topaz image copyright The Loveliest Yarn Company, Sphene image copyright Coop Knits

So in short: only good things result from knitting socks and/or buying sock yarn, I have EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE.

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