New places, new skills

In other news, I have two exciting crafty weekends coming up in March. Weekend number one is all based around a visit to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I am SUPER excited about this for lots of obvious reasons! I can’t go to Unravel in a couple of weeks because I’m away for work, but an upcoming trip to Edinburgh goes a long way towards making up for that.

I can’t wait to meet some of the Scottish and N. English vendors and designers who I haven’t seen in person before (Ysolda and Kate Davies and The Border Mill and Brooklyn Tweed), plus there’ll be lots of my favourites there too (Travelknitter and Coop Knits and Midwinter Yarns and Easyknits and more). I’ll need to resist the urge to buy absolutely all the yarn (travel and accommodation have already made it a kinda spendy weekend) but have got my eye on some Blend no.1 and maybe, just maybe, a kit from Kate Davies, or probably more realistically a smaller amount of her Buachaille yarn. Ohh the yarns we’ll see and the patterns we’ll buy! It’s going to be excellent. And I’m lucky that I also have a bunch of pals in Edinburgh and Glasgow so the time not spent admiring yarn will be spent eating/drinking/hanging out/sightseeing instead. Good times ahead. (Are you going to Edinburgh for the yarn festival too? Say hello!)

And THEN, a couple of weeks later, I’m booked onto a ‘learn to sew’ weekender with Tilly and the Buttons.

Are you, like me, in love with the Great British Seeing Bee? (Oh Claudia you are my most favourite presenter, never ever leave the BBC.) Do you, like me, feel inspired every year to learn to sew but never quite get round to it? Have you, like me, got a sewing machine that was a wedding present but which you’ve never used yourself and has been on loan to your mum for the last year..? (ahem)

So, er, yes, I’ve been meaning to get my act together and properly learn to sew for years and years. The trouble was that, much like when I started knitting, there wasn’t anything I desperately wanted to make. I’ve had vague plans about quilts and skirts and things but there’s been nothing that really sang to me. Until I saw this dress!

Copyright Tilly and the Buttons
It is swingy and interesting and has POCKETS. It is also, I’m pretty certain, a bit too complex for a total sewing newbie like myself, and so when I was browsing the Tilly site and saw the introduction weekend I didn’t last long before clicking the ‘book’ button. I know this is mostly a knitting blog but watch this space – maybe felinitysews will make the occasional guest appearance. For instance, this one is a bit simpler and I also really like it.

So lots of fun times coming up – in fact I should really be making the most of this at-home weekend to finish off my Reyna shawl and maybe get a march on my Driftwood hood. Right, back to it, *wanders off, dreaming of endless perfect handsewn dresses*.

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  1. tinaor says:

    Good luck at Edinburgh – sounds great fun! I love GBSB – can’t believe they aren’t having another series on the BBC – waiting to hear if someone else takes it up. Enjoy the sewing workshop too. I knit a lot, I sew a bit too.


    1. Thank you, I am ridiculously excited!


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