Various small-but-nice things

Thing 1 – my freebie prize from the CoopKnits KAL arrived, with a little project bag to boot. Two skeins! I’m v pleased.

Thing 2 – on Sunday I did not go off to finish my Reyna shawl, neither did I get going on finishing off my Driftwood hoodie. Instead I cast on for a new Alonzo sock, using the Easyknits yarn I posted about the other day. No regrets – the sock’s a delight and the yarn is heavenly. Photos soon (though there’s a little sneak peek below).

Thing 3 – I have actually nearly finished my Reyna shawl though – am two rows from casting off. I technically ‘finished’ it the other week, but I’d only used three-quarters of the skein which bothered me, so I’ve kept going as far as I can. May have left myself in yarn-chicken territory – we will see. Photos of that soon too, hopefully.

Thing 4 – I’m doing the #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram. If you haven’t already you should join in because it’s excellent. (I keep missing days and having to catch up, but the rules are pretty relaxed.)



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