Yarn chicken

Turns out my maths wasn’t quite exact enough.

This isn’t enough yarn to cast-off that many stitches
All the way along the cast-off row (which is a stretchy one and takes even more yarn than usual) I was thinking ‘but actually, there’s probably enough, no it’ll be fine, the law of satisfying knitting results dictates that I should be able to blog a picture of a finished shawl and a few inches of leftover yarn, so I can be all “look! immaculate knitting maths!”‘

But no. However, I had a good foot or so spare yarn from my cast-on! I could weave it in and snip it off and then add it in to make up those last few stitches! Amazing!

Sadly not. This isn’t enough yarn to finish the cast-off either. (Also, pro tip, spit-splicing isn’t all that hot on superwash merino, just saying.)
Bah. It’s all fine, I’ve used a tiny bit of leftover Socks Yeah! grey from the Twyllas and the shawl is blocking as I type. It just isn’t that perfect rounded smug finish I was hoping for. Which of course serves me right.

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  1. but you made it work, and that’s the important part! Plus, so satisfying to not have yarn leftover from a project that linger sin your stash for years. That shawl will be lovely!


    1. Thank you for the encouragement – it is a lovely little shawl, and especially so if I ignore the tiny bit of blue-grey in one corner (which I suspect nobody but me will ever notice). You’re right though, I have bags and bags of ends-of-4-ply that I fondly imagine I will turn into… something, one day. No sign of that something yet!


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