Finished project – Cameo

One of the bonuses of my cosy Air BnB in Edinburgh was a huge mirror and lots of light. So I took the chance to take a few pictures of me wearing another project finished last year – my Cameo shawl. And then I realised that taking a picture of yourself in a mirror rarely looks good and have reverted instead to a couple of selfies. Hey ho.


In short: this was a really, really boring knit which, now it’s finished, is really really wearable (phew). I always knew it’d be quite dull to make – it’s a lot of garter stitch and a pattern where you keep increasing until you cast off (picot cast off – argh!). To be fair, it gets more interesting – the stripes section livens things up a bit and when you reach the simple lace section it motors along. But there honestly is a lot of garter stitch, which resulted in this taking several months when I should have had it done in a few weeks.

Not my best photography work, but look how long and twirly this gets at the ends

Happily, I love the colours and I love the material it makes, and I love wearing it now it’s done – in fact I wear it all the time. I really like the fact that it’s an asymmetrical triangle . Also the yarn is heavenly. It’s two skeins of Town End Alpaca/Silk that I bought at last year’s Fibre East and the garter fabric is so soft and warm (alpaca, silk and cashmere – utterly beautiful). It’s listed as a sock yarn but I feel it would be wasted on feet – however it is perfect for scarves/shawls. (Also also, it holds perfume for ages, I’m wearing it around my neck as I type this and keep getting delicious little wafts of the jasmine Eucalan I used to wash it last – highly recommended.)

Pattern: Cameo by Pauline Popiolek
Yarn: Town End Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere sock in Aqua and Electric Blue
More details: Ravelry project page

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    1. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  1. Your shawl is gorgeous!!

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  2. Sierra says:

    I’ve had this stored away in my pattern library for quite a bit. Seems like it’s one I need to cast on! Gorgeous color combo!

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    1. It’s a beautiful end result (as long as you don’t mind garter stitch purgatory to get there!).


  3. What a lovely shawl!! Those colors are so calming!

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  4. tinaor says:

    Beautiful shawl.

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  5. The colors are beautiful and remind me of the ocean that I am currently staring at in Hawaii 🙂 I’m going to add this one to my queue since I do not mind garter stitch…especially for take a long / tv knitting!

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    1. Ah now, if you enjoy knitting garter then this is absolutely the shawl for you. The end result is so lovely for something so simple.

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  6. Verónica says:

    Nice! Pretty colors.

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    1. Thank you – they are my favourite colours (as evidenced in lots of my current knitting!) and I’m happy to see I’m not the only one 🙂

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