Once upon a sock in May – Fyre socks

First Thursday of the month already? OK then. Definitely check out what socky-goodness Paula (Spin a Yarn), Katherine (Fiber and Sustenance) and Stefanie (Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons) have been working on this month – and if you’d like to join our sock gang then do get in touch with any of us. (Look at our cute little post image that Stefanie designed!)

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Here’s my latest sock-in-progress. I cast on last Friday so I’m naming these my Fyre Festival socks – my personal ode to the most disastrous ‘music’ festival the world has seen in recent years. (I’ll be honest, I was glued to Twitter on Friday afternoon watching the story unfold – it’s not that I glory in other’s misfortune exactly, but it proved very hard not to be absorbed by such an extraordinary car crash).

Yes that is a packet of biscuits in the background – don’t judge, it was a bank holiday and eating childhood confectionary favourites is totally legit.
Anyway, my Fyre socks are both fiery and a bit ugly, just like the festival. That trickling windy lace pattern could also be representative of the spiralling panic the attendees experienced when when they realised they’d be getting plastic cheese on dry bread for their gourmet meals (or maybe I am stretching the sock-as-metaphor thing too far, now).

These actually started off as a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I liked the pattern’s garter-edged eye of partridge heel (which is new to me) and figured that the 18 thousand other people who’ve made the pattern couldn’t all be wrong. And then halfway through the cuff I looked properly at the stitch pattern for the leg and realised two things:
1. It is… boring.
2. But! If I were going to knit it, I’d like it more in a variegated yarn so I should def’ find something else for this intense orangeyness.

So I spent a few hours googling stitch patterns, preferably ones which wouldn’t require me to re-knit the cuff (I am lazy), and found loads of good stuff – all fodder for future projects. Specifically though I tracked down a travelling vine lace pattern which is fiddly enough not to be boring, obligingly already written for knitting in the round, and exactly the right stitch count. It’s not beautiful but it is interesting, and knits up v. quick – I am very pleased.

I’ll complete both socks then will share the merged ‘pattern’, if there’s interest. Hope you’re having a happy Thursday and aren’t stranded on any islands in the Bahamas today.

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  1. That orange is fantastic and so is the pattern! I absolutely love it and it would be perfect for spring/summer. I, for one, would be interested in your pattern mash up 🙂 I also kept reading about the Fyre Festival. When I saw the first article, I thought it was a joke. When articles continued to come out, I was like “Wow!” I’ve linked you up in my post! Looks like we are mostly super early today 🙂

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    1. I will write up the lace pattern (and maybe try and chart it) when I’m all done – it’s been really easy to blend it with the Hermione pattern.

      I still can’t get over the Fyre Festival debacle. There must be some lessons in there somewhere!

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  2. Stefanie says:

    What an interesting color. The stitch pattern is certainly not boring.

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    1. Haha, no it’s not. I’m actually quite jealous of your Hermione’s though – I love the result, I am just too impatient to knit it. Hopefully one day I’ll find the right variegated yarn to convince me though.

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  3. I love how these are looking, and the name … too funny! That orange is just awesome … love it!!

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    1. Thank you! Almost finished the first sock last night so fingers crossed for a finished sock post this month.

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      1. Can’t wait to see them!

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  4. Casey says:

    I don’t think your sock is ugly at all, the yarn is great with the pattern you’re knitting! I randomly found a video about that festival, the whole thing is crazy!

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