Once upon a sock in June – Fyre and hoods

I’ve gotta say, when you’ve committed to posting about sock-knitting on the first Thursday of every month, those first-Thursdays seem to roll around really fast.

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The good news is that I have finished my Fyre Festival socks, look!


We had a loooong drive to and from Liverpool this weekend (*makes incoherent noises of rage at bank holiday traffic*) for a family wedding, the only advantage to which (the traffic, not the wedding which was lovely) was that I finished the heel, gusset and foot of my second sock.

The bad news is that I have literally only just finished them (kitchenered the toe last night and the photo above is of them blocking) so I have no other pics yet. Watch this space, and fingers crossed for a proper finished project post shortly.

What to make next? Well, I was all set to take a week or two off from sock knitting (and I may yet do), but a friend sent me a link last night to Sockmatician’s mystery sock-a-long. Friends, I am helpless in the face of clever bavarian twisted rib and a mystery pattern that’s spread out over three clues. I’m going to give it a go, though possibly with a few days sock-rest first. (I’m also going to only do one sock at a time, as there is zero chance of me getting through two in three weeks.)

I have also wound up the yarn I talked about in my last video post, ready for casting on for the Lambton Panes shawl. I very nearly cast-on for this last night (pre the mystery sock-a-long email), but then a little voice started nagging at me about my poor neglected (and so close to being finished) Driftwood hoody. I’ve been putting off finishing it because I know that I want to do the hood slightly differently to the instructions (and because I hate picking up stitches when you’re picking up a different number to the number you cast off). Oh, and because I’ve been busy knitting endlessly fascinating pairs of socks. Last night though I put on my big girl pants, did some maths, and got started. I am going to nail this hood. (I kicked off this project last year on 23 June. Is there any chance of me getting it completed within a year? Experience would tell me no – especially now there’s a new tantalising sock pattern on the horizon – but let’s see!)

If you like a bit of knitted sock blogging then I urge you to look at what my sock pals are up to: Paula (Spin a Yarn) has been having fun with afterthought heels, Katherine (Fiber and Sustenance) has finished the most heavenly ‘Emily’s favourite socks’, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Stefanie (Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons) has been working on this month. If you’d like to join in with our monthly sock posts then just get in touch with any of us – all it means is posting about what you’ve been up to sock-wise on the first Thursday of every month and linking through to the rest of us.

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  1. Your socks look awesome! I love the texture and color and can’t wait to finish my current pair so I can move on to something a little more challenging. BTW, you do not have to post about finished socks every month! As you will see with my post this month, I’ve been working on the pair I talk about for almost a year 🙂 I know if I don’t knit TAAT, I get second sock syndrome. There are no deadlines or stress….just relax and enjoy 😀 I’m off to check out your links. Good luck on finishing that hoodie before your one year start date. I’ve got lots of projects like that…LOL

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    1. One day I am going to have to try knitting socks on circs so that I can do two at a time (I do love my DPNs though).

      The hoodie is progressing! Realistically no promises for completion by the 23rd but at least it’s back on the needles again (just in time for, er, summer).

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  2. Your Fyre socks look so great!! I love how they turned out. I can’t wait to see your mystery pair … I know what you mean about a sock break. I’ve taken almost a month break on sock knitting – very unlike me, but other things have intervened!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am excited about the mystery pair too – I’m committed to not abandoning my hoody, but there’s a good chance I’ll cast on for the mystery socks this weekend too.

      I think you have a good excuse for taking a bit of a break recently 🙂

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