I have FINISHED DRIFTWOOD, PEOPLE, that’s FINISHED DRIFTWOOD. It’ll get a proper post with proper modelled pictures at some point (this is a hastily-taken one from before leaving for work this morning) but I wanted to mark the moment. Woooohoo!

What’s that? Oh yeah, just finished the cabled hooded jumper I’ve been working on for over a year, NBD.

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  1. Meg Jones says:

    W00t w00t! *fires up the successful completion of long term WIP confetti cannon*

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  2. Oh man, I totally need a confetti cannon for things like this.


  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment 🙂 It feels so good to get long term WIP finished…I know because I finished two this last week 😀 Still need to blog about them…so stay tuned! I absolutely love the color of that sweater. It is sooooooooooo gorgeous!

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    1. Oh wow TWO finished WIPs, can’t wait to see them. And thank you – I am very very happy with my finished item 🙂

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