Top three knitting (and other) podcasts

As well as actual hands-on knitting, my daily commute gives me the opportunity for a fair amount of podcast listening. And yes, there are knitting podcasts. Tonnes of them, in fact. These are my top three.

Pom Pom Podcast (Pomcast)
My husband finds this podcast hilarious (as do I, though for very different reasons) and has to leave the room if I’m listening to it (actually, no, I’ll go into a quiet room to listen, usually, and he cannot RESIST popping in to gently mock before leaving again). He thinks it sounds like Playschool for knitters. I’ll admit that the opening swoop of coordinated “hellooo!” after the intro music and a segment called ‘tell and tell’ does lend it a certain childlike charm. But don’t let this fool you – each month you’ll get an interview with someone important and interesting in the indie knitter world, reviews of yarn and patterns, a lot of silly and clever jokes and an insight into life at Pom Pom Quarterly HQ and Lydia and Sophie’s tastes and amusements. Well worth a listen and top of my knitterly podcasts list. Also, it is a tonic if you’re having a bleak time – I pretty much mainlined the entire back catalogue in the week after the Brexit vote. Sometimes you just need a reminder that fun and nice things still exist.

Worth listening to for Louise Scollay’s beautiful Scottish accent alone. KnitBritish more than any other podcast really explores the heritage and nature of British yarn (hence the name!) and has encouraged me to source and appreciate more home-grown wool. I met Louise very briefly at the podcast meet-up she arranged at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and she was exactly the same in person as she is on her podcasts.

Yarn in the City
While this is technically a British podcast as both the makers live in London, it’s more transatlantic than you might imagine given that Rachel is from the States and Allison from Canada. I enjoy this for the theme tune and the fact that the hosts aren’t afraid to get a bit ranty in between the cosy knit chat (such as the furore over the moral and legal complication around selling a modification of another’s pattern around the Alpaca cowl for Yarndale last year – Rachel is incensed! And rightly so).

You don’t need to be London-based at all to enjoy this podcast, though I’ll admit the occasional snippets of London-based activities that they mention are particularly enjoyable for me.

Shiny Bees – a bonus fourth, which I wasn’t going to include because it’s been on hiatus for a while, but Jo mentioned on FB recently that a new episode’s coming out this month. Accessible and down to earth knitting chat.

And in case you were wondering, my current top three go-to non-knitting podcasts are:

The New Statesman podcast – weekly lefty digestible politics from clever people and usually also a review of something like reality TV or Game of Thrones.

Radio 4 Friday night comedy – 6 weekly cycles of the News Quiz, the Now Show etc – nearly always something gently entertaining (though the current museum one isn’t my favourite).

The Archers – incomprehensible farming chat, vignettes from a kind of quintessentially quaint boring British village life which doesn’t exist in reality, and occasional shocking storylines encompassing things like emotional domestic abuse and the nasty racism lurking beneath the veneer of even a genteel English country community. Soap opera at its best.

Hope you enjoy one or more of these! Any must-listens you’d add?


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