Once upon a sock in September – a sock’s progress round Canada

Last month we visited Canada for a couple of weeks. It was my first ever Canada trip and readers, I am smitten. Canadians are just as friendly as the hype says, the views are as stunning, the food as good. Much as I love London I can very much understand the appeal of packing up and heading to the land of poutine, lumberjacks and glorious mountainous vistas.

As this isn’t a travel blog it doesn’t seem right to just show you lovely photos of lovely views and fun times (although I have plenty of those). However as it’s sock-post day, and I had a sock project with me to keep me busy during travel times on the trip, well. What you all deserve is a series of blurry sock-in-progress pics in front of a few Canadian tourist traps and travel views, right? Right!

The sock itself has no pattern – it’s a toe-up one with short-row tow and heel, and is my first foray into helical stripes. Helical stripes, btw, are a LOT of fun and weirdly addictive. I’d looked up instructions once before and got bored before finishing the first paragraph, but turns out they’re something which are much more complicated to explain than to do (with two colours you keep chasing them around the spiral but never catch up with each other – it’s v. simple). The yarn is the Dandelion Katie sock I picked up at Pomfest in July and it makes a great firm fabric.

Toe and a few rows in on the plane
Trying to photograph a WIP from the top of the Calgary Tower gets you some funny looks and a not very good photo
Knitting while a particularly intense game of Uno between the extended family goes on in the background
You can’t actually see it, but I promise I am holding the sock here while having a conversation with this dinosaur skull at Drumheller
Lots of car knitting took place while we were driving to and from the Rockies
Rushing to get a photo of the sock in front of a waterfall at Johnston’s Canyon before a group of tourists arrives hot on my heels
Rescue grizzly bear on Grouse Mountain (no honestly, there’s one in the water there, look closely)
And a proper non-sock photo of Bow River at Banff. Ohh, Canada, you are ridiculously beautiful

What I didn’t do on our trip was buy any yarn. I did look (despite the yarn ban!) but nothing quite grabbed me enough to warrant a spot in my luggage. Shout out to the nice lady from the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island though, who has a magical shop and also let me borrow her scales to see if I had enough teal yarn left to make a matching pair of helical socks rather than fraternal (I did! hooray!). If we’d had a bit longer in Vancouver I would have spent an afternoon bussing around a few more yarn ships but, alas, we had to come home before I had time.

Back to the socks – helical sock two is currently just above the ankle, so with luck there’ll be a finished post on those later this month and I can then get on with my second Twisted Soul sock.

As ever, now is the perfect time to see what my knitting friends are up to when it comes to sock knitting: Paula, with her amazing purple hair (Spin a Yarn), Katherine, who has just moved to the UK, yay (Fiber and Sustenance) and Stefanie, who is on month two of her blog hiatus but will be back soon (Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons). And anyone who’d like to join in the monthly blogging is totally welcome (joooooin us!).

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  1. How gorgeous! I absolutely love the color and all the pictures you were able to take while on vacation. I can’t wait to see what they look like finished. Even though this isn’t a travel blog, I hope you’ll do a post about your travels. I’d love to hear where you went 🙂 My blog post is finally up. We are on vacation (almost a staycation since we only live 2 hours away) and I had to wait until we were back at the hotel before posting.

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    1. Thanks! To be honest there’s a fairly decent cross-section of our trip in these photos, though granted it’s all in the background.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautifullll trip! I’d love to explore Vancouver and Banff! Your helical socks are so cute — the colors are so nice! What a fun pair they’ll be when you’re done!

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    1. Thanks! The first helical thing I saw was your gloves a few months ago so they indirectly inspired these 🙂

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      1. Oh yay! Aren’t helical stripes loads of fun?!

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  3. Stefanie says:

    Helical striping is fun. I’ve done that for a beanie in the past. Love your sock WIP! I want to go to Canada with the kids. One of these days we will. We need passports, something I need to work on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, welcome back! Hope you feel rejuvenated after your online break over the summer.

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