Once upon a sock in October – not much progress

Yikes, I missed the Thursday slot – sorry Team Sock. It’s been a busy time chez Felinity and Thursday came and went without me even clocking it was the first one of the month. Probably not helped hugely by the fact that I don’t have all that much to report – my Helical socks have been languishing in their project bag, almost but not quite finished, for about three weeks.


Just a bit of leg and cuff to go and they’ll be done, which is annoying because I’ve been carting them around with me every day but failing to knit even on my commute, tsk. (One of my knitting truths, sadly for me, is that when things are very busy and extra stressful, my knitting suffers – while I find it soothing and mindful, it’s also the thing that gets dropped during the week when I’m in the up-work-home-eat-shower-bed cycle). So things have been a bit neglected. HOWEVER:

1. I’m going to get these finished in October! I am!
2. I did still manage to cast on for my Passerine Hat last Sunday as the first of my Good Intentions Club projects
3. I’ve nearly finished the second of my Belyse gloves

The latter two proven by this photo, which Katherine encouraged me to take – it is most (not actually all) of the things on my needles right now. (I need to get that second Twisted Soul sock cast on and finished – do we reckon before Christmas is possible? Hmm.)

Yes I did take this pic on the kitchen floor. Yes, the cat did arrive almost immediately and do her best to get in shot.

I am also, even though I’m reasonably content being in the middle of my yarn ban, hankering after new sock yarn (I know, I know). Family and friends who are looking for Christmas present ideas – watch this space! I am going to do a round-up of the perfect gifts for the knitter/sock-knitter in your life (and if those gifts happen to be ones that I personally would appreciate, well, do whatever you like with that information).

Once Upon a Sock post header 2 jpeg

Have a look at what my knitting sock buddies are up to this month:

And, as ever, say hi if you’d like to join in with our monthly sock updates (everyone’s welcome). For that matter, say hi even if you don’t want to join in 🙂


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  1. I love the stripes on your socks. I didn’t realize that you were using two different balls of yarn until I saw these pictures 🙂 I almost thought I wasn’t going to have anything done either and then I got sick. That made for lots of knitting time since I was out of work for a couple of days and was down for the count a whole weekend on top of that. Sometimes you’ve got to stop and smell the roses, or your body will make you…LOL. I love all your gorgeous knits and look forward to your “gifts for knitters” post. I may even steal a few ideas for my hubby 😀

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    1. Ha, please do! All my family know how important knitting is to me but it’s really hard for muggles to know what makes a good gift 😀

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  2. Stefanie says:

    I LOVE those striped socks. What a great way to use up leftover sock yarn. I’ll have to remember that; I’d try the helix method so I won’t have to worry about jogs. In the past, I’ve given a pair of handknit mittens with homemade hand scrub, some nice hand lotion, and OPI nail polish. I’ve also given handknit socks with homemade foot scrub, etc.

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    1. They’re really fun too! I did the helical stripes for exactly that jogless reason, but didn’t realise how satisfying they’d be to knit. You should definitely do it with some leftover yarn.


  3. I love this picture of your WIPs — and that it’s on the kitchen floor! A large portion of my photos are taken on the floor, ha! Where else will all our WIPs fit?! I can’t wait to see your gifts for knitters round up — what a great idea!!!

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    1. The shameful truth is that there was no other floor space available that didn’t need a good vacuum first…

      Anyway! Gifts for knitters post very soon 🙂

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  4. Ellen says:

    Love those socks. Great colors in all your knits!

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