Finished project – Belyse Gloves

This post is a bit of a gamble because these are a (shh) Christmas present, but I am reasonably sure that the intended recipient is too busy with the run-up to Christmas and parenting small children to be reading here.


It’s just a quick post, anyway. As documented already, I had a bit of a struggle with these gloves. I am pretty pleased with how I adapted the cuffs, though, and the end results are really snuggly. Also have to say, Ysolda’s Blend No. 1 is excellent and I am v sad she’s discontinued it. It’s extremely warm, creates a nice firm but soft fabric, and I really like the marled look created by the different fibres.


Hopefully the person I’m giving these to for Christmas will appreciate them. In the end, despite the trickiness of getting the fingers knitted, I quite enjoyed the pattern too (ish). And the end results are pretty great.

Pattern: Belyse Gloves, by Ysolda
Yarn/needles: Blend No. 1 by Ysolda on 3.25mm DPNs
More details: Ravelry project page



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  1. Those are so beautiful! I adore the colors you used. They are super pretty together. I am absolutely positive your gift recipient will love them!

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    1. I hope so! If nothing else they are very very warm, and it’s cold over here right now, so they are practical too.

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  2. Those are gorgeous!! Your recipient will be thrilled:)

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  3. Meg Jones says:

    Lovely! And such a nice colour combo!

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  4. Those are so lovely!

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