January warms

Hello hello! Gosh, January is kind of bleak, isn’t it? We live just south of London and have mostly had the drizzly cold grey end of the weather rather than the apocalyptic snow I know lots of you have faced, but that’s been bad enough. The very cold but clear days are glorious, while the grey dingy ones are rubbish. Just got another month or so until spring starts poking its nose round the door.

Luckily, there are two things in my life which are very successfully beating the winter blues. Thing number one is BEING SELF-EMPLOYED, which is ace. Granted, it’s only been for three weeks so far, but not having the daily commute and being able to hunker down in our cosy spare room for working days (with trips into town once or twice a week for meetings or just to see people) has meant that January has felt much happier and comfier and more relaxed than it usually does. Long may this last. Once I’ve got my home office corner set up I’ll share it with you – at the moment I am still sat at an old dining table on a wooden chair (NOT comfy), but I have PLANS about the right kind of desk and shelves and whatnot and am going to make it hopefully stylish as well as functional.

Thing two is, obvs, knitting. I finished my improvised hat and I like it a lot.


Proper blog post still to come on that one (update: you can find the free pattern here!). I am particularly pleased with the way the decreases inform the cable shaping on the crown (I had to knit that three times to get it right), and then of course I’ve gone and covered it up with a bobble and can’t show you. I think I am going to knit it again in a different yarn (I have something in mind from my stash), a single-colour version this time, and see how it pans out. I’ll write the instructions up too – I’d love it if anyone else wanted to try knitting it as it’s quick to knit, fairly straightforward and makes a fab stretchy but cosy fabric with all those cables. Anyone up for it?

I’ve also got cracking on a new pair of socks – these are the Borage pattern that I mentioned in my last sock post. I’m using the Socks Yeah! yarn that I picked up at last year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival and everything is going pretty swimmingly so far – I thought the wrapped stitches might make it a bit tight, but on 2.5mm needles it’s actually making a nice soft and stretchy fabric (it’s also zooming along, which is a treat).

These photos, taken without the aid of actual sunlight, aren’t doing the colour of the yarn justice – it’s a much lovelier pale aqua/sea-blue than this would have you believe
A slightly (not much) better close-up of the flowery wrapped stitches/lace pattern

That pink sock visible in the top photo, which I’d just taken off to try the work-in-progress sock on, is one of my Raspberry Koigu cables – eleven years old and still going strong. Ahh, so much love for knitted socks.

OH, and I am going to Edinburgh for the yarn festival again this year! Anyone else going and want to meet up? It turns out, when you are your own boss, you can ask the director of your company if you can have some time off and, er, she’ll definitely say yes. (It also helps if you have a nice friend who you can stay with to save on Air BnB costs.) Woohoo!


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  1. Stefanie says:

    I wish! I’d love to stay with you. I love how your CEO is so generous and flexible with your schedule :O). What great progress you have on this sock. The beanie is fun with the contrasting brim. That is a terrific blue. You’ve inspired me…maybe I’ll flash my Harry socks on my blog.

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    1. Hahaha, yeah my new boss is pretty great and very accommodating when it comes to time off for knitting trips.

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  2. That hat is seriously gorgeous and I would love to test it for you if you decide to write it up 🙂 I really, really, really hope you do because I love it that much 😀 Your socks are so gorgeous too! I work for a corporation; however I do work virtually. I love having a home office and highly recommend a wrap around corner desk (L Shaped) so you can have your personal laptop / computer on one side and your work laptop / computer on the other side 🙂

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    1. Ahh thanks Paula! I have all the notes handwritten so I will tidy them up and send them over to you to try them out once I’ve checked them on a second version of the hat. Thanks for the home-working tip, too!

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  3. Debra Grice says:

    I love the hat – have been thinking I need to knit myself a new dog walking hat and this would be perfect x

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    1. Hello, how nice to see you here! I am going to try and sort out my scribbly notes for the hat into a free pattern and will happily share it with you in return for feedback on how clear it is/isn’t 🙂


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