Once upon a sock in Feb 18 – flowers and hat

Whoops! I was all set to post on schedule yesterday, and then (believe it or not) I got distracted by work and before I realised it it was too late for me to photograph my first finished sock from my current pair. Anyway, sorry for being a day late, but look!


My first Borage sock is finished (was I still knitting the toe at top-speed yesterday morning so that I’d have a better sock-a-long post? why yes, yes I was). I’ve made a few tweaks to the pattern, including taking the twisted rib all the way through to the end of the toe. Haven’t yet cast on for the second one, and I should probably get on with that before I fall victim to second sock syndrome.

Do pop over and see what my clever sock-knitting friends Paula, Stefanie and Katherine are up to this month – and as ever, you’re more than welcome to join us on our monthly posts if you’d like to, just speak to any one of us so that we can start linking to you, and then get posting!

Once Upon a Sock post header 2 jpeg

I’d hoped to be a bit further along on these socks, actually, but I lost a week to knitting up my cabled hat pattern in this gorgeous raspberry pink. Look! I can’t decide if I like it even more in a single colour. Anyway I think the pattern is pretty much good to be tested, so am going to send it to those kind people who expressed an interest in my last post. (If you’d be interested in test-knitting it too, just shout – though I’ll be putting it out for free once it’s done. It’s a nice easy knit with a satisfying crown, and it’s all squidgy thanks to the cables.)


I’m not going pompom mad, by the way – I can’t decide if either of these (fake fur, before you ask) pompoms are quite right, or if I need to go and find another one. Needless to say neither is quite the colour that it looked on the internet when I ordered them. Any thoughts, or preferences?


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  1. Meg Jones says:

    Out of the two that you have, I prefer the white one! But maybe a pale pink or a dark grey if you were looking at more.

    The sock is lovely!

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    1. I think you’re right – I actually thought the white one was a pale pink one, when I ordered it. Will see what else I can track down.


  2. Ooh! I love, love, love everything about this sock and this hat 🙂 I’m so excited to test it for you!!! I guess I should have come over and read your blog before I replied to your comment on my blog 😀 I like both of those fake fur pom poms with your hat. I have several of the same type and it’s always hard choosing just the right one. Are these the kind that tie on or snap on? Either way, you can always change it out to suit your mood if you are keeping it for yourself.

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    1. They are snap on ones and I have a couple of spare fastenings so I can try these and another couple if I want to. Can’t wait to see your test knit! 😀

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  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your socks. I may join you ladies. I’ll check with stef.

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    1. Thank you, and you should!


  4. Love your sock and the hat!! I can’t believe I totally spaced last week — the funny thing is all week I’ve had it in my head that this Thursday was sock post time
    And like you was thinking about getting some extra sock knitting in to improve my post, ha! (Unlike you I didn’t actually get to it!) anyway sorry for being so late and congrats on the lovely hat! Can’t wait to see the pattern !

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    1. It is worryingly easy to miss the first Thursday of the month – I totally sympathise! And thank you re. the hat – hopefully pattern will be up very soon.

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  5. Stefanie says:

    The intricacy of your sock is phenomenal. I think of Etch-a-Sketch. I like that poppin’ pink of your cabled hat. I like the brown pom pom.

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    1. Ooh yes, it is a bit etch-a-sketchy 😀


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