Never not socking

You GUYS, there have been some very exciting sock developments chez felinity in the last week.

Firstly, I’ve finished the Borage socks (proper post to come). This is a pair where I’m not entirely sure if I love them, now that they’re done, but they are certainly soft and comfortable.


And then, an intriguing parcel arrived in the post…


Excitingly for me, it was full of this.


This is one of those times that my camera phone just can’t capture colour properly – believe me when I say that this red is basically the reddest of all the reddiest reds you’ve ever, ever seen. A study in scarlet. A ring of rubies. Vermillion. Proper shout in your face cardinal crimson.

Like, you know, red.

ANYWAY, when I stopped waxing lyrical about the colour, I cast on for some (shock) more socks. Unusually though, these ones aren’t for me. They are instead some sample knits for Travelknitter – this smashing red and charcoal yarn is some of her BFL Supersock. The red is Firecracker (a new colourway), and that charcoal black is Laneway City. I wanted to spend some more of my newly-claimed free time on knitting, and sample knitting for Larissa means I get to enjoy working with her ludicrously beautiful yarns at the same time.

It’s very interesting working with some Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn straight after working with some merino. Both excellent but in very different ways – the merino is supersoft and cosy, while the BFL is more rugged and provides great stitch definition (and, I suspect, will be a lot more hard-wearing).

To start with I’m working on some Grellow Love ankle socks (though there’s no grellow here – um, I guess they’re rack or bled? Rarcoal or ched? hmm). I whizzed through one, exactly as written, and thought…


.. it’s a bit clumsy though, isn’t it? Not the pattern by any means – I think just my gauge on 2.5mm comes out a bit clunky. I wasn’t totally happy that this was doing the yarn justice, particularly when I started imagining people picking up and handling the sock at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

(It’s definitely not the pattern, by the way – I saw a whole bunch of Grellow Loves in person yesterday and they were all sensibly long and, well, sock-shaped. It’s just me! Ahh, knitting.)

So, what to do? It was bugging me that this was looking more like a slipper sock than a proper sock – ankle socks should look cute and dainty (and, in this case, also have a bit of rock chick chic about them, given the colour combo). So I decided to start again with a few tweaks. 2.25mm DPNs. A short-row toe. Some ribbing along the top of the foot to give a little shape. And a twisted rib cuff with a grafted cast-on.

Which resulted in Rarcoal Love (no, it just doesn’t work) Grellow Love take two. Much better!



There are several new-to-me techniques in this pattern, which is all to the good. Especially the Fleegle heel which is very interesting and one I’d not seen before – it provides that cool wedge of contrast colour on the heel.

AND THEN, yesterday I picked up a very special package from Larissa WHICH I CAN’T SHOW YOU YET because it is a BRAND NEW TEST COLOURWAY, hot out of the dye pots! If and when I can show you more I will (it is gorgeous though, and I hope it makes the final grade). Watch this space!


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  1. Ooh! I love all of your socks! And lucky you, getting to try out some yarny goodness 🙂 I would be salivating over that colorway too. So stunning! I really like the changes you made to the second sock and it looks really good on your foot.

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  2. Love these cute ankle socks and it’s so fun to see the before and after of tweaks you made — definitely adding this pattern to my queue!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a good pattern and it’s so quick! I cast on for the first (untweaked) version less than two weeks ago, and I have already finished nearly four individual socks (so, if that first one hadn’t been a dud, I would be done by now!). Highly recommend.

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  3. Stefanie says:

    Very neat how the heel came out.

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    1. I’ve never seen that heel construction before, but it’s really easy! I recommend giving it a go.


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