Sock yarn stash swap – sign-ups close tomorrow!

A little nudge if you haven’t signed up already – sign-ups for the sock yarn stash swap close at the end of tomorrow, Wednesday 11 April! It’s totally free other than the cost of you putting a sock’s worth of yarn into the post. If you’ve got a few skeins of sock yarn that you can’t quite work out what you’d knit with, but you think somebody else would love, this is totally the swap for you. Plus you’ll get a mystery package of yarn in the post yourself and who wouldn’t love that?

In other news, I’m in the process of getting my helical hogmanay socks accepted for testing via a handy group over on Ravelry. It is a super-interesting process converting my (often indecipherable) personal pattern notes into instructions which will actually make sense to someone else – and it is a useful reminder of the work that goes into good patterns! It’s also all a bit mathsy and geeky, which very much appeals to my inner nerd. I’ll keep you all posted – I’m taking this pattern a bit more seriously!


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  1. AJ says:

    I wish, but all my sock yarn is just store bought boring stuff:(

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    1. No 20/30g ends of other sock skeins you could combine into a mini-set? Or put with a shop-bought skein for contrast toes/heels/cuffs? Shop bought still counts as long as you think it’s nice 🙂

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      1. AJ says:

        I’ll look


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