Second, third, fourth and sometimes fifth time lucky

It can be quite fun, this designing lark. It lets all those half-ideas I’ve had in my mind for years turn into tangible, touchable, wearable objects. Sometimes you picture something in your head, play around with some sketches on screen, and then it comes out exactly how you imagine it.


Look at this! It’s the retro sock of my dreams. I’ve been having fun designing and fiddling around with fair isle patterns in excel for a while, and I finally let myself cast on. I love it. In these colours it looks all old-school sock with a little flash of liveliness below the cuff (which will also be repeated before the toe). In different yarn it could look modern instead. I was all delighted with myself at this stage.

HOWEVER. I shouldn’t have been so smug. Here is the same sock, past the heel.


Looks OK, right? So, this was the third time of knitting the gusset. On this version, I’d finally nailed the right pattern for the sole and got the pick-ups around the selvedge edges just right. Hurrah! Alas, it took me getting to this point three times before realising that the leg didn’t have the right balance – it needed a bit more before the heel. And also I didn’t really love having an eye of partridge heel on this almost-black yarn – the delicate dimpling gets lost.

So this happened.

You can see the jog on this side

And then this.


Much better, and now all I have to do is the heel (for the second time), the gusset (for the fourth time), the rest of the foot, and the toe (for, hopefully, the first and last time). And then the second sock (which involves a bit of pattern changing to move the jog). No problem. *weeps, quietly*

I have also been considering how to improve the edging of of the reversible cowl I knitted for Edinburgh. The basic concept of that cowl is grand, but I want the edging to be a little bit more. So I started swatching – thinking I had it down right at the beginning. Shockingly, it took a few more tries than that.

1. Nope (fugly). 2. Nope (ugh).
3. Still nope. 4. Better…
5. Getting closer. 6. We have a winner!

Live and learn, eh? I suspect this process never changes.

In other news, I am eagerly watching out for some sock yarn stash swap posts to start appearing, because I know a bunch of you have sent your yarn parcels out. I am feeling extra lucky because the package from my swapper arrived this morning and it is fabulous – will be posting on that very soon!


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  1. The colorwork socks are looking AWESOME! And I’m so excited about your cowl design as well … you’re on such a roll at the moment!!

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    1. Thank you 😀 I’ve just redone the heel on the sock and am about to start the gusset for the fourth time – fingers crossed!

      I’m excited about the cowl too – I wish I had another set of hands!

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      1. I hear you! I’ll keep fingers crossed too for that gusset!

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  2. Wow! You are getting so much accomplished! Those socks are looking awesome and so is the finish on the cowl. I have received my package…I just wasn’t sure if I could start posting about it 🙂 Plus, I don’t know who it came from…only an address so I may need to reach out to you.

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    1. You can definitely post about it! I’ll let your swapper know it’s arrived and they can decide how they’d like to do the reveal 🙂

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  3. Stefanie says:

    I love that fair isle design.

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