It’s beginning to look a lot like… you know…

Well, maybe it’s a little bit too soon for that (even though Christmas ads have been on the telly since the beginning of November). But, while I am not feeling festive quite yet, I am definitely open to the fact that Christmas is coming. And this year my run-up to the big day is going to be extra yarn-y.

I have admired the advent yarn calendar concept over the last few years, but haven’t indulged myself for a couple of reasons. 1: they are pretty spendy, and 2: there’s always the worry of getting some yarn you don’t especially like or want. But when I saw a friend online putting together her own advent yarn set, a penny dropped and I remembered the immense amount of leftover sock yarn I have in my stash.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it would be to create my own, and the inevitable happened: I spent a few fun hours on Sunday afternoon sorting, weighing and winding some of my stash, in order to create a rainbow of festive colour.


(If you are wondering if I actually unwound some previously wound balls of yarn specifically to be able to convert them into mini-skeins because those are more photogenic and therefore more instagrammable, well then… yes, yes, I’m afraid you are right. I am a martyr to style over substance.  Future-me will hate myself when I have to wind up a small skein each morning, *sigh*.)


At the moment I am perfecting the pattern I’m going to follow (it is, shock, NOT going to be a pair of socks) which is looking to be extremely simple and reliant on colour changes for a visual wow factor rather than complicated knitting. I’m also too OCD to leave the colour changes to chance, and planned them out very carefully (hint: not going to be in the rainbow you can see above). I’ll be posting the pattern on 1 Dec (such as it is!) so if you want to play along then have a look that morning!


It has struck me that 8-10g of sock yarn a day for winding and knitting is actually quite ambitious – that’s 240g over 3.5 weeks, which is almost two and a half skeins of sock yarn. Given that a pair of socks for me usually takes about two-thirds or less of a skein, I have given myself almost four times as much knitting to get done than a single pair of socks and in less than a month… but I am allowing myself to use a slightly larger needle! Hmm. It is possible that mid-way through December I’ll throw the whole thing aside in disgust, but *hopefully* I’ll manage a fun wearable item in time for Christmas. If you want to watch my progress then follow me over on Instagram for daily updates, or keep checking here for probably less frequent ones.

(Before Saturday though I have to finished Gareth’s cowl, which he wistfully asked about the other day and I rushed back to pay attention to again. He will get a knitted item in 2018!)

IN OTHER NEWS, I am a terrible marketer because this should be top of the post as well as having it’s own page but never mind – the Anything with Bubbles socks pattern has launched! Do browse through the existing projects, some of them are too cute for words (the pattern goes down to toddler sizes). 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Meg Jones says:

    I love the idea of a a homemade yarnvent calendar! Looking forward to see what you are planning to knit!


  2. Ellie HS says:

    oh,my goodness…If I were to be surrounded by all those beautiful yarn that will be my version of happy Christmas!


  3. rosejasm says:

    The skeins do look good though! I too have set myself crazy festive goals!

    Liked by 1 person

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