Brand new socks for a brand new year (Once upon a sock edition)

Although technically I finally finished these last year (actually, on New Year’s Eve). It took me a solid six weeks to get around to kitchenering the under-toe of the second sock, too, which could be a new record. But here they are, a fully-finished pair of Afternoon Tea socks! Very possibly my prettiest socks to date as well – I am so happy with how these turned out.


This pattern was born out of a need for socks which would adequately show off the heavenly muted gorgeousness of this yarn. I don’t very often go for speckles, but I saw the yarn (Twist Sock from the Wool Barn, in ‘Blush’) at Fibre East and decided (after circling the festival more than once) that, actually, I couldn’t go home without it. Cables and mock rib seem to bring the yarn to life, though I am also picturing it in a stately navy blue or slate grey for a seriously grown-up version.


And I still love that little cable spiralling down the heel! Just need to tidy up the charts for the pattern and I’ll get it tested (let me know if you’re interested) and, with luck, out in time for some sprightly Spring knitting.


Interestingly, after my immensely sock-focused 2018, I seem to be on a little sock hiatus at the moment (which could impact on my blogging material for OUAS posts, if it continues!). I am still swimming in stash sock yarn though and working on inventive ways to use it up, so I doubt I’ll be entirely lost for words.

Which reminds me – in case you were wondering about my yarn advent calendar, well… here are some pics from Christmas Day, including one where I look particularly delighted with myself, showing the scarf as it was shortly after weaving in the final end.



It’s now carefully blocked and looks even better. Oh AND…


… as of Tuesday it has TASSELS. More soon, with proper pictures.

PS If you would like to get involved with monthly sock-update blogging, PLEASE DO! Everyone is welcome. Check out Paula’s informative post here, and the link-up collection of posts right here.

PPS Hope you all had lovely times over the holidays, and/or got through them just fine. *blows new year kisses to everybody*


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  1. Meg Jones says:

    I’d love to test knit those for for you! 🙂

    That advent scarf is so fab and cheery! Hope the sock hiatus doesn’t last too long though!

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    1. Hooray! Thanks Meg 🙂 I’ll be setting up all the test info on a Ravelry thread (hopefully in the next 2 or 3 days, if I can squeeze in enough time to finalise the pattern) and will send you the link once it’s good to go – and you can decide whether to jump in or not. Would love to have you test them though 🙂


  2. pink says:

    Congratulations, both the socks and the scarf look fabulous! I’d love to test knit those for you, but would depend how quickly you need it back as I’ve promised my best friend a double knit scarf asap & need to teach myself double knitting in the next week or so 😂 so couldn’t cast on for a few weeks. I usually knit socks 2AAT so can give feedback from that perspective if it’s helpful? Always enjoy your knitting posts btw 🤗

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    1. Ah thank you, what a nice comment! I’ll be setting a test up in a group on Ravelry, with information and deadlines etc – why don’t you send me your contact details through the contact form on my blog, and I’ll let you know when the test post is live. You can take a look at what I’m looking for and if you think you can fit it in, then brilliant (and if not thanks so much for being interested anyway!).


      1. pink says:

        Hi Kat, thank you for a lovely message, and apologies for my late reply. I have sent you a message to the blog, let me know if you don’t get it.


  3. Sorry I’m so late in responding to all your gorgeousness! I absolutely LOVE the socks…the pattern, the yarn, everything. You are so very talented. I see another purchase in my future. I wish I were a fast sock knitter because I would totally test for you. Alas, I’ll have to wait until the pattern comes out. I totally adore your scarf too! Happy New Year to you!!!

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    1. Thank you Paula, you are so amazingly supportive! I’m so glad you like this pattern, I think it is my favourite so far 🙂


  4. rosejasm says:

    Slate grey for seriously grown up did make me laugh!
    The scarf is beautiful x

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