Travel and sock-knitting, all good (once upon a sock edition)

Sorry for the radio silence in the last few weeks – a work trip abroad somehow threw all other commitments out of the window for a week or two. Sadly it also meant a bit of slowdown on knitting, too, because I was flying with Emirates who are particularly mean about letting knitting needles onto flights. (Cue various people saying they’ve flown Emirates with no problems, but I couldn’t risk it – however having two enforced 8-hour sit-downs *without* knitting was particularly difficult to take. I consoled myself with films and snacks.)

Just to prove I really have been away, here’s the view I had from my hotel room.

Dubai is a funny old place to visit. It wins at tall pointy buildings, though

However the good news is that I do have some sock progress, which is extra good because I’m joining in with monthly sock posts (a sockalong?) from Maggie, Katherine, Stefanie and Paula. This is excellent because it will ensure I post at least once a month, and my recent sock-love can hopefully continue. This is sock one from – SHOCK – another Rachel Coopey* pattern, Alonzo.


I’m using the yarn I wondered about last month and it’s knitting up really beautifully. It’s pretty dense on 2mm needles which should hopefully help to make it robust and hole-resistant. I knew I would have tonnes of yarn so did an extra repeat on the leg – even with that I’m still going to have a good 30g left once I’ve finished. Sock one is done (this photo is a bit old), sock two needs to be cast-on and will be knitted on at length on my journeys to and from Edinburgh ahead of EYF (which, yikes, is suddenly next weekend – exciting!).

I absolutely love how this pattern looks knitted up, with travelling twisted rib and easy little yarn-over cables. I have slightly lost my mojo for sock two though, which means I definitely need to get over it and cast-on asap.

You can catch up with my other sockalong pals today too – why not visit Katherine at fiber and sustenance, Stefanie from Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons, Maggie at Project(s) in Progress and Paula at Spin a Yarn. And if you want to join in then let one of us know so we can add you to the list.

* My next pair of socks, truly, will be a pattern from a different designer. Probably. I’ll try. She’s so good, though!

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  1. Gorgeous sock! I’ll be adding it to my queue:)

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    1. It is a really gorgeous pattern – definitely one of my favourites from the book. The travelling twisted rib is like little go-faster chevrons down the sides, with corresponding little wings over your ankles, it’s beautiful!

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  2. Such a beautiful sock — I am a sucker for plain socks, but this inspires me to do something more exciting! So glad you’re joining us — going to go link back to this post now!!

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  3. What a beautiful sock! I can’t wait to see the finished set 🙂 Are you going to use your scraps to make a Cozy Memories Blanket? I want to start one but keep putting it off because my friends keep getting pregnant and I’ve been concentrating on them instead of me. I’ll have my post up soon and will link up. Just an FYI…I think this will be the last month for Maggie to be linked up. She hasn’t posted anything for a long time. I hope she’ll be back soon and then we’ll link up with her again. I hope your travels are safe and that you get lots of knitting in while you are off the plane 🙂

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    1. Ahh, thank you! I have a big bag of sock-yarn-ends that I do need to use for something one day. Not sure there’s enough for a blanket yet, but I could do some rocking multi-colour gloves (or a cosy memories baby blanket).

      And noted re. Maggie, I hope she’s alright (it’s very easy for life to prevent blogging for several months – I had a gap of a few years until last September, so I understand the situation well).

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  4. Stefanie says:

    What a pretty color and man, there is such fine details in Coopey’s design. I have her whole vampire ebook that has shamelessly been neglected. I hope to knit at least one of her designs this year.

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    1. Oh you totally should! Her patterns are ace and always fun to knit.


  5. tinaor says:

    I too am frustrated with the contemplation of not having knitting on long flights. However, I have solved this in the recent past by taking projects with cheap plastic circular needles – somehow they are acceptable to most airlines – and I reckon if they ask me to dispose of cheap plastic needles then I am not so hard done by as I haven’t lost my favourite needles en route! The trick is not to cast on before you fly, which could still prove frustrating if you end up with just a ball of wool and no knitting if they do ban your needles but in my experience this has not ever happened. I usually pack better needles in my proper luggage so I can switch when I get my destination. As for your latest socks – they look fab – love the plain heel and I guess they might have plain toes too?

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    1. One day I’ll try the cheap needles thing. Every carrier seems different – I think BA are ok with knitting but Emirates apparently not!

      I love the way the pattern runs down the heel too 🙂 The toes are actually just stocking stitch, so they’re the only bit but with no pattern, but it works.

      Thank you for coming by, and for commenting!

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  6. tinaor says:

    It’s always great to see what fellow knitters are up to!


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